Tim's Vision & Priorities for Haverhill

As a life-long Haverhill resident, Tim truly loves Haverhill, and he is dedicated to helping others see the City as he sees it —a historically and culturally-rich community with endless potential— and he is committed to making this potential a reality for current & future generations.


We share a community-wide responsibility to support our students, teachers and school administrators. Today’s investment in the education of our community’s children is an investment in an improved quality-of-life for all of Haverhill tomorrow.

Public Safety

Increasing the number of police officers on the streets of Haverhill is critical to improving public safety throughout all of our city’s neighborhoods.

Economic Development

Attracting new businesses to Haverhill and more high-paying jobs is vital to the future of our city, and it begins with creating a community that is inviting to a skilled workforce.


Not only do City officials and representatives have a duty to conduct their work in an open and forthright manner, but they have a responsibility to seek out opportunities to engage all community stakeholders in the decision-making process.